Advertising Opportunities

Hemingways Mall, East London’s premier shopping and entertainment destination, offers a unique blend of retail, lifestyle, and advertising opportunities. With over 600,000 visitors per month and an annual reach exceeding 7 million shoppers, this vibrant hub provides the perfect platform for brands looking to maximize their visibility and engagement. As the exclusive advertising agency for Hemingways Mall, Circle Media is proud to present the diverse advertising options available to elevate your brand.

Discover Our Advertising Offerings

At Circle Media, we offer a variety of advertising options designed to meet the unique needs of businesses. From high-visibility indoor placements to strategic outdoor locations, our advertising solutions ensure your brand captures the attention it deserves at Hemingways Mall.

1. Sky Cubes

Location: Mr Price Atrium, Queenspark Atrium
Description: Suspended from the ceiling, Sky Cubes ensure visibility from various angles within the mall. This high-impact placement is ideal for creating a striking visual presence.
Rate: Available on request

2. Hanging Banners

Location: Main Atriums
Description: These large banners, suspended from the ceiling, offer high visibility and a striking visual impact from multiple vantage points.

  • Production: R2,500
  • Monthly Fee: R1,000

3. Lift Branding

Location: 4 Entrance Points
Description: Prime placement on and around lift doors ensures your brand is seen and remembered by shoppers during their waiting times.

  • Production: R2,101
  • Monthly Fee: R1,200

Highlighting Indoor Advertising Options

Hemingways Mall’s indoor advertising options, managed by Circle Media, are designed to capture the attention of shoppers in high-traffic areas. From escalator branding to litter bins, each placement ensures maximum exposure and engagement.

4. Litter Bins

Location: Upper & Lower Levels
Description: Strategically placed throughout the mall, dustbin ads ensure constant exposure to shoppers.

  • Production: R800
  • Monthly Fee: R1,000

5. Escalator Branding

Location: Woolworths Entrance, Wimpy Entrance
Description: These ads, placed on both sides of escalators, capture attention as shoppers move between floors.

  • Production: R6,500
  • Monthly Fee: R3,000

Digital Advertising Opportunities

Mall TV Screens

Location: Queenspark Atrium
Description: Boost your brand’s visibility with dynamic content on strategically placed mall TV screens. These vibrant displays ensure your message reaches a broad audience.
Rate: R750 per 3 slots

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising at Hemingways Mall, coordinated by Circle Media, ensures your brand captures attention even before shoppers enter the mall.

Parking Lot Banner

Location: Main Parking outside Entrance 1
Description: Strategically placed banners in the parking lot ensure your message is seen by everyone arriving and leaving the mall.
Rate: Available on request

Tailored Solutions for Your Brand

Circle Media offers bespoke advertising solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to create a powerful visual impact with large banners or engage shoppers with dynamic digital content, our advertising options provide unparalleled visibility and engagement.

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