Corporate Logo Design Project

Money Circles
Corporate Logo Design



Money Circles is a modern, upcoming banking corporation dedicated to providing a range of banking services to its clientele, including consultations on asset acquisition and wealth management.

Corporate Logo Design

Design Brief


The visionary founders of Money Circles had a clear and purposeful vision for their corporate logo design, intending to craft a symbol that embodies their brand identity. This envisioned logo adopts a minimalist corporate design, with a prominent monogram ‘C’ as its central element. The client sought a brand that incorporates circular shapes, seamlessly integrating the name ‘Money Circles’ with a simple yet powerful icon.

Logo Concept


The corporate logo design revolves around the harmonious unity found within circles, intertwined with the brand’s name. This artistic representation takes the ‘C’ in ‘Circles’ and elevates it into a captivating monogram icon, gracefully encircled by layers of circles. This fusion seamlessly binds the notion of unity through circles with the very identity of the brand, creating a visually stunning and meaningful symbol that resonates with the brand identity.

Corporate Logo Design Typography



The typography used in The Palazzo Closet employs a combination of two distinct fonts and font styles. The header, displaying the words ‘Money,’ features a simple yet effective sans serif font, Montserrat. The main body text, ‘Circles,’ is presented in the simplistic, sans serif vectorised font, Orion.



Hex: #152C65

Hex: #50A59F

Hex: #8FC05B



Here, you will find the final logo in various color variations. Thisdisplay highlights the versatile application of the logo across different contexts and demonstrates its adaptability to different visual environments.



Presented below is a meticulously curated assortment of mockups showcasing the final logo design in a diverse array of environments. Each mockup serves as an illustrative representation, purposefully designed to demonstrate the logo’s adaptability and versatility across a multitude of visual contexts.