From Dated to Sophisticated: How Circle Media Transformed Hemingways Mall Brand


Hemingways Mall is the largest shopping centre in the Eastern Cape, and Circle Media has an ongoing relationship with the client, managing their social media and brand. The agency was approached to reposition the brand as an exclusive shopping destination, with the goal of appealing to a more upscale demographic.


The objective of this case study is to showcase Circle Media’s rebranding and social media management work for Hemingways Mall. Our goal was to reposition the mall as an exclusive shopping destination, redesign the logo and website to reflect this positioning, and manage the mall’s social media accounts to build and maintain a strong online presence. We will share our approach, methodology, and results to demonstrate our ability to work with retailers and provide effective branding and social media management services. This case study will serve as a point of reference for prospective shopping centers and retailers looking for similar services in South Africa.


Circle Media repositioned Hemingways Mall as an exclusive shopping destination by redesigning their logo and website, and providing ongoing social media management services. We worked closely with the mall to ensure all efforts aligned with their objectives, providing regular reporting on campaign performance.

Brand Repositioning and Logo Redesign

Old Logo
Hemingways Mall - Old Logo: Comparison of the old Hemingways Mall logo to the new one, redesigned by Circle Media
New Logo
Hemingways Mall - New Logo: The new Hemingways Mall logo, featuring modern, clean lines and a versatile layout

For Hemingways Mall’s logo redesign, Circle Media took a modern and clean approach that would be appropriate for both vertical and horizontal orientation. We aimed to maintain the mall’s existing brand equity and recognition while providing a fresh look. The result was a refined and elegant logo with no shock factor that effectively communicated the mall’s new exclusive positioning. The new logo features a sophisticated and modern design that communicates exclusivity and luxury.

Redesigned Website

To reflect Hemingways Mall’s new exclusive positioning, Circle Media completely overhauled their website. We designed a sleek and user-friendly layout that would provide a seamless browsing experience for the mall’s customers. Our team focused on highlighting the mall’s unique offerings, including their high-end fashion stores, entertainment options, and dining experiences. The result was a website that effectively communicated the mall’s exclusive positioning and served as an effective marketing tool for attracting new customers.

Social Media management: Screenshot of Hemingways Mall's Facebook page, showcasing high engagement rates achieved through Circle Media's social media management

Social media Management

Circle Media manages Hemingways Mall’s social media accounts, creating a content calendar each month with curated and created content optimized for engagement and reach. We also run Facebook and Instagram ads to promote the mall and its offerings. Our services have increased the mall’s online visibility, reached new customers, and built a strong brand presence, resulting in increased foot traffic and revenue. Head to Hemingways Mall’s Facebook and Instagram handles to see the work we’re doing.

Branding Elements: Screenshot of various branding elements created by Circle Media for Hemingways Mall, including tenant certificates and gift cards

The Art Of Elegance


To further enhance Hemingways Mall’s online presence, Circle Media provided quarterly photography services to capture images of tenants’ products, events, and promotions for use on the mall’s website and social media channels. We found that using real images of the mall and its offerings had a significant impact on organic reach and engagement on social media. Customers responded well to seeing real images of products, events, and promotions, leading to increased brand awareness and interest. Our photography services allowed the mall to showcase their offerings in a visually appealing way, leading to more effective social media marketing and increased foot traffic at the mall.


Our successful rebranding and social media management project for Hemingways Mall has positioned it as a premier shopping destination in the Eastern Cape, demonstrating our expertise in branding, website design, and social media management for South African retailers. Our services page offers more information on how we can elevate your brand, from logo design to website development and social media management, with a proven track record of success. Contact us to learn how we can help your business shine in the competitive retail landscape.