LM Unleash E-Commerce Website Design: An Online Customer Experience


LMUnleash, a South African beauty brand, approached us at Circle Media with a distinct mission – to liberate beauty enthusiasts from makeup stains on clothes. As a brand synonymous with liberation, zeal, and passion, LMUnleash aimed to embody these values in their online presence. We took on the task of an e-commerce website design that encapsulates their essence while delivering a minimalistic and user-centric experience.

Project Scope

Our project involved the creation of an e-commerce platform for LMUnleash, starting from scratch. The project’s core objectives revolved around crafting a website that communicates the brand’s ethos, establishes its authority in the realm of natural beauty products, and ensures visitors can seamlessly discover their revolutionary makeup stain prevention solutions, and other beauty products.

lm unleash e-commerce website design

E-Commerce Website Design


  1. Design a visually captivating and modern website that reflects LM Unleash’s commitment to natural beauty products crafted locally in South Africa.
  2. Ensure a seamless user experience through intuitive navigation, responsive design, and optimised performance, especially on the e-commerce side of the website.
  3. Showcase the client’s range of products, highlighting their unique selling points and benefits.


1. Collaborative Ideation:

We started the project by collaboratively defining LMUnleash’s identity, values, and messaging, and what they wanted the website to achieve. By partnering closely with the brand, we ensured that the essence of “unleashing” elegance while being unrestricted was imbued throughout the website.

2. Wireframing:

This process facilitated the visualization of the website’s layout and user journey, aligning it with LMUnleash’s mission of simplicity and minimalism.

3. Visual Design:

We then created a visually engaging design that utilized LM Unleash’s brand colours and aesthetic, high-quality imagery, and intuitive UI elements.


4. Development:

Once the design was complete we had to implement the approved design, ensuring responsiveness and cross-device compatibility.

5. Integration:

We integrated interactive elements, social media links, and contact forms to encourage user engagement and inquiries.

6. Testing:

Finally, we conducted rigorous testing to ensure the website’s functionality, performance, and security.


The LMUnleash e-commerce website design project was successful with a clean and intuitive website with seamless navigation being created. The website encourages beauty enthusiasts to explore LMUnleash’s makeup stain prevention product, and other beauty products, and embrace them as a trusted solution. The partnership between Circle Media and LMUnleash culminated in an online platform that radiates the brand’s vision, values, and prominence in the realm of natural beauty products.